Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craft Room Redo to Crafting RETREAT!

When we moved into our home three years ago I decided to take the smallest of the bedrooms for my craft room.  At the time I did not have half the supplies I do now (some can relate, right?) and feeling cramped and in need of more room. 

My husband suggested I take the office downstairs but felt guilty thinking to do this since it was custom painted just for him and contained all his sports memorabilia.  So I started to think of other solutions.  I decided over Christmas break on to switch rooms with my daughter.  She was excited to get a "new" room painted her way and I was excited to have more space! I thought we could do it over a weekend after the painting was done.  What in the world was I thinking?  For those of you who have done this are probably snickering and thinking, "over a weekend"?  No way!!  Believe me, I learned quickly my unreasonable expectations of finishing and organizing in a week.  It took a month!!!!  Everything is pretty much in its place.  I just need to finalize my labeling and paper organizing.  This, I know will take time, but at least it is where it will go for now.  The exciting part is I know where everything is! I have done a few projects this week and once I was done and put everything away, it looked just like the pictures!  I totally love my crafting retreat! 

Here are the before and after pictures!  Let me know what you think.  Would love your
feedback  :)!




The unit is from IKEA, desk from, and the smaller shelves which house my stamps and Cricut Cartridges are from Big Lots.


 This unit is from Target (shelves on sides and the desk in the center) the unit above with the divided cubies and the top shelf was custom made by my amazing, crafty husband and Eagle Scout - Son!  I have them both to thank for all their help, painting  our rooms and moving things from one room to another and removing what we didn't need!  I love you both for all you do and all you support!

Well, there it is...I hope you get some inspiration from my space!  I totally love it and hope to spend more time in here now as everything has a place and a place for everything!



Michele said...

Beautiful scrap space!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today! Your visits are very much appreciated! : )

Anonymous said...

I can imagine the huge amount of work! Your new craft retreat looks fantastic! Love the color of the wall! I use a small closet connecting to my office for crafting... I need to clean up just to set my feet in, every time... Thank you for commenting on my blog:)