Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Legend HS Homecoming project

Our son comes home on Tuesday and says, "Mom I need to paint a shirt to resemble Gil from Nemo."  I said, "okay."   "By when?"  I ask.  "Tomorrow!"  "Mark, what the heck are you doing waiting  until the last minute?"  TEENAGERS!:)

Has this happened to anyone out there?  Too many times to count for us...but we love him the same.  Here is the finished project!

I printed a coloring page of a Nemo scene with Gil in it and then cut him out. 
I then used brown, kraft wrapping paper and freehand drew a 3 foot sized picture of the coloring page Gil to the paper.  I then drew the details on the paper using the pattern as my guide.
I used various craft paints to paint the outline of "Gil" on the shirt, then continued on in adding the detail.

Front and back of the shirt finished. 

Our handsome, young man wearing his shirt. 
This was somewhat simple for the first time trying.  I think it turned out really cute and everyone loved it!  Thanks for coming to by blog and taking a peek!  Blessings!

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